Things we suspect of each other!


Within the framework of the symposium, objects are to be tracked down in the archives and comparable collections of the Vokskundemuseum Wien in order to identify their potentially problematic and conflictual position while simultaneously attempting to explore their transformative capacity. What enables a given object to represent a particular cultural complex and what does its materiality reveal? How and to what extent does the discourse define the perception and classification of the aforementioned materiality?
If the modern encyclopaedic museum can no longer provide an illusion of a complete identity, history or knowledge, the processes of generation of meaning can be opened up to the perspectives of relational truth and embodied history. This approach allows the expression of the unconscious (or the uncanny) thus making them tangible and material.
The multiple historical transmissions and countertransferences should be kept in view. The localisation of this exchange is achieved via the objects and the (archived) documentation – though not with a goal of a new worldview or a new historiography. Gaps and openings are allowed, while blindspots are being carefully avoided in order to discover spaces for intervention beyond classification.

Volkskundemuseum Wien
Laudongasse 15–19
1080 Vienna

Boris Buden (Berlin/Vienna)
Roger Buergel (Zurich)
Pierre Déléage (Paris)
Clémentine Deliss (Berlin)
Herbert Justnik (Vienna)
Doreen Mende (Berlin/Geneva)
Friedrich Tietjen (Leipzig)
Celine Wawruschka (Vienna)

Program 21.11.2018
10 am-12 pm
Friedrich Tietjen/Herbert Justnik: „I know that!“ Private Photography in the Museum
Pierre Déléage: Infinite Books: The Case of Xocén
Doreen Mende: Curatorial Politics for a Metabolic Agora
12 pm Discussion
12:30-2:00 pm Break
2 pm-4 pm
Clémentine Deliss: Authorship and Provenance. Reflections on "Lotte or the transformation of the object”
Boris Buden: Curating the past
Roger Buergel: The Goddess of the Rail Tracks
4 pm Discussion
4:30 pm Aperitive

The lecture by Celine Wawruschka will take place on 20.11.2018 at 2 pm in Volkskundemuseum.

The lectures will be held in english
Admission free

A project by and Volkskundemuseum Wien

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