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Since August 2020, a large part of the Belarusian population has been fighting for their political freedom. Among the numerous arrested there are socially engaged artists, curators and philosophers, whose work is often politicised by the prevailing circumstances on the basis of practice and activity of free people. There are increasing reports of arrests of the individual members of families, seizure of computers and smartphones on which artists have stored their work. Belarusian artists, curators and philosophers all too often live in a highly stressful state of emergency, and have done so for many months.

At the beginning of 2020 tranzit has launched the residency program Solidarity Belarus together with the ERSTE Foundation. Starting from April 2021 the Federal Ministry Republic of Austria for European and International Affairs has also joined the project.

To further the voice of artists and cultural workers from Belarus, contributions from colleagues and friends from Belarus are published on our website at monthly intervals.

When Language Fails: In the Margins of a Diary
by Tania Arcimovich

Tania Arcimovich is a researcher, curator, and art critic, based in Minsk. She is a founder of ziErnie Performative Arts Platform and an editor of pARTisan magazineas well as a curator of the Art Village Kaptaruny.

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“The body is an instrument of struggle and a source of hope”
by Antonina Stebur

Antonina Stebur is a curator and researcher, based in Minsk and Kyiv. She is a co-founder of the #damaudobnayavbytu project on gender discrimination in Belarus, a co-founder of the research group on activist art She was part of the curatorial team of the exhibition Every Day. Art. Solidarity. Resistance, at Mistetsky Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine.

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The crossroads of oppression: Our roads to change

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