Mission is the Vienna hub of, a network of independent initiatives in Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovak Republic. operates as a collective of these autonomous local units, cooperating across various borders – between nations, languages, media, mentalities and histories. was founded in 2004. Its aim is to challenge the post-fordist idea of cultural production and of the cultural institution in the categories of efficiency and relevance. is dedicated to the research of long-term counter canonical artistic practices and engaging in translocal collaborations beyond the event and across disciplines.

We believe in the liberty of the contemporary art institution to lead a "blind", unframed, poetical research conducted by socially valuable beings; in experiments; in iconoclastic, hybridizing, transgressive, resistant, localized and situated concepts of cultural practices; and in impure theory.

Legally is a non-profit charitable Civic Association.’s main partner is the ERSTE Foundation.


ERSTE Foundation is main partner of tranzit:

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