RED THREAD / Issue 5

Alt-Truths and Insta-Realities: The Psychopolitics of Contemporary Right

Red Thread
The project Red Thread is envisioned as an active network and platform for exchange of knowledge and collaboration of artists, curators, social scientists, theorists and cultural operators from the Balkans, the Middle East, the Caucasus, North Africa, and beyond. It aims to create and widely disseminate new knowledge about paradigmatic socially engaged art practices in a wide geopolitical context, thus challenging the predominance of Western narratives in official art histories and exhibition making. Through initiating research, meetings, panel discussions and an active online site for exploring both historical and contemporary approaches that deepen and challenge broader relations of art and society, Red Thread intends to reopen the issues of joint modernist legacies and histories between various so-called “marginal” regions, and attempts to create new approaches to deal with questions of auto-histories, self-positioning and reinterpretation of art history.

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Alt-Truths and Insta-Realities: The Psychopolitics of Contemporary Right
The 5th issue of Red Thread edited by Vladimir Jerić Vlidi, Jelena Vesić, Meltem Ahıska, Ruben Arevshatyan, Erden Kosova, Georg Schöllhammer, Zeyno Pekünlü investigating the new-old topic of the contemporary right-wing use of media.
This issue includes an interview with Raja Shehadeh (conducted by Meltem Ahıska and Saygun Gökarıksel) and contributions by Jonas Staal, Geert Lovink, Hazal Özvarış, Nükhet Sirman and Feyza Akınerdem, Ahmet Ersoy, Jelena Vesić, Ana Teixeira Pinto and Vilém Flusser.

Excerpt from the editorial text:
"Our slow and infrequent publishing platform of Red Thread journal presents its new issue, investigating the new-old topic of the contemporary right-wing use of media. Nowadays re-amplified and brought to the fore by the Covid-19 global emergency, the totalizing narrative of the crisis have strengthened and reaffirmed further the old problems of the lack of universality and the narrative of truth.
Almost any text from this issue could, if read properly, be the announcement of such development and of the present state of affairs. Steve Bannon, one of the architects of this alt-reality, would almost surely be predicted to say on the infamous FOX TV News precisely what he just did: that “COVID-19 is a Communist Party virus”.
Starting this issue, we introduce the new “From the Archives” slot with the interview with Vilém Flusser that is able to resonate and open new questions today, probably even more so than when it was conducted 30 years ago. To a careful observer, even in 1988 it was clear that the then upcoming mix of technology and media will produce historical consequences, and, first of all, new subjectivities. We should have to think harder, and more, about developing the own tools to handle the current situation and produce the own future. In the words of Flusser: “Every revolution, be it political, economic, social, or aesthetic, is in the last analysis a technical revolution.” (We express our gratitude to Miklós Peternák for helping us with this historical material.)"

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