Ion Grigorescu. Diaries and Dreams, 1976–1979

Ion Grigorescu is one of the seminal visual artists of his generation in Eastern Europe. In recent years, his complex body of work has attracted increasing attention in the West, entailing a reading of his oeuvre through the prism of canonized Western art histories. This is the second volume of his translated diaries - the first English edition of his diaries from 1970 to 1975 was published in 2014 at Sternberg Press- and is assembled like a small literary and art-historical sensation of the period between 1976 and 1979. It not only corrects the facile reading of Grigorescu’s practice in the context of Conceptual art and performance, but provides insight into the artist’s multifocal thinking, which incorporates an original critique of modernism, the dystopian effects of an instrumentalized idea of reason and rationality, an analysis of subjectivity, and a penetrating gaze into a dialectic of secrecy and elucidation, of exposure and mystification.
Grigorescu’s diaries are written notes revolving around the status of the image, and investigate the relation of the body to society and of art to the world, in a deep phenomenological reconsideration. His work proposes a parallel conception of the public made tangible through the eloquence of the body.
In poetic language full of powerfully pictorial metaphors, Grigorescu reflects on his observations of the tension between the realistic effects of the image, the suppression of realism, and the hidden traces the gaze holds through the activities of the increasingly present unconscious of collective memory. Along with the drawings, paintings, photographs, and sketches that accompany them, the diaries serve as an introduction that opens up the possibility of conceiving Grigorescu’s art as a rare evocation of a singular way of thinking: a stance.

Georg Schöllhammer and Andreiana Mihail
Managing Editor
Ines Gebetsroither
Editorial Assistant
Michaela Geboltsberger
Graphik Design
Atelier Lisa Wesle

© 2021 Ion Grigorescu,, Andreiana Mihail Gallery, Sternberg Press

Published by Sternberg Press
ISBN: 978 - 3 - 95679 - 400 - 1

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