Exhibition, 13.01. - 20.01.2023

"Walking among these strange new surroundings, I keep wondering, are they just as suspicious of me as I am of them? I leave parts of myself behind wherever I go, and now I’m reassembling. Looking in the mirror, I can’t seem to make out the shape of my own face, but there’s something moving behind me. Canvas creeps around the corner, lights are flickering. Plaster peels off the walls, with cracks spreading wide like pulsating veins. I turn around and I realize: This space is not actually empty, it is filled with absence. My feet are suddenly wet, my body soaking up with water. But I’m not drowning, I branch out, my socks grow into a beautiful tree. My ribcage has fallen out, yet I still feel so very alive. The walls of this house, they hold my breath."


Group show with artworks by Ivana Lazic, Lucy Ivanova, Gloria Pagliani, Anatoly Belov, Olha Horiunova and Mark Chehodaiev.

A cooperation between Vitalnya Vienna, Office Ukraine & Format (*.strk)

Curated and co-organized by Sasha Horbatiuk, Natalia Gurova and Claudia Strate

Funded by BMKOES, Sektion IV: Kunst und Kultur
Opening: 13.01.23 17-22:00
Closing: 20.01.23 17-22:00
Additional showings on request!

Währinger Straße 128, 1180 Vienna
(please note, the exhibition space is on the 3rd floor, no lift)

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