Merging the versions: unveiling traces

A light over the horizon and a piece of land on the table. The river pools, the pools of memory, the fog enveloping everything around. A sense of anticipation and the taste of tension in my mouth. It's like you're looking for a place, but you don't know where it is or where you are.
The feeling of seeing the world transform before your eyes, as you take in the new surroundings, you can't help yourself, you can’t run.
Humans and nature increasingly resemble each other, walking along, leaving empty traces on the invisible border that has been crossed. In this reality, which seems very tangible and concrete, it is harder to immerse yourself in the blurriness of time.
This exhibition brings together the works of several artists – Ukrainian and international ones – who now live and work in Austria and have dedicated their practice to exploring time, space and collective memory. Through graphics, installation, sculpture and painting they try to process complex emotions, memories and sensations.

Opening: 21/07/2023, 7 pm
Duration: 22/07/ – 04/08/2023, opening hours by appointment
Closing event: 04/08/2023, 7 pm
Location: Zirkusgasse 38, 1020 Vienna

Participating Artists:
Anastasiia Mamay
Anastasiya Yarovenko
Janinka Kell
Margo Dubovska
Olena Kurzel (currently Artist-in-Residence at MuseumsQuartier)
Sven Jirka
Taras Kovach

A cooperation between Office Ukraine, Kollektiv Zirkusgasse and #UkraineOfficeAustria.

Image © Olena Kurzel

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