Odesa Memories

Office Ukraine helps Ukrainian artists fleeing the war to find refuge in Austria and build up an artistic network.
For the exhibition at Stand 129, they have invited two artists to present their works: Tanya Shtykalo and Vera Mantjuk come from Odessa and are currently based in Vienna.
Tanya Shtykalo works with sculpture and will be showing some works that combine traditional Ukrainian embroidery in unexpected ways.
Vera Mantjuk is a photographer and will show the city of her childhood from a different angle.

Cooking Event Odessa-style meze
Odessa-style meze is a selection of small dishes served as appetizers. The cuisine of Odessa in Ukraine is influenced by different cultures and regions. Fusion cuisine is common. As part of the exhibition “Odesa Memories”, the artists will prepare eggplant caviar, túlka dumplings and other delicacies with the visitors and eat them together while talking about Odessa and their artworks.

We will come together one last time before the summer break to cook, eat, gossip and enjoy a long summer evening together with neighbors, volunteers and visitors of Stand 129.

Register for the cooking event here

Opening: June 20, 5 pm
Duration: June 21–26, Mon–Fri 12-5 pm
Cooking Event: June 26, 6 pm
Venue: Stand 129, Viktor Adler Markt, 1100 Vienna

Image © Vera Mantjuk

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