A kind of Electricity Appeared in Outer Space, Musical Turkey in the 1960’s

exhibition at DEPO, Istanbul

DEPO begins the new season with an exhibition curated by Derya Bengi from the editorial teams of Roll, Express and Bir + Bir magazines, aiming to understand and redefine the transformation Turkey went through in the 1960s by researching the prolific music scene. The exhibition will bring together a rich selection of archival material with new artistic works in order to recreate the political, social and cultural atmosphere between two military coups - 27 May 1960 and 12 March 1971.

This is an exhibition devoted to the 1960s, a time of important social transformations. It begins with the popular anthem of 1960, ‘Olur mu Böyle Olur mu’, and ends with the Hair musical staged in Istanbul in 1971. A time of ‘first’s in music: the first English songs, the first popular melodies by Alewite poets, the first socially engaged songs, the first twist, the first ‘aranjman’, novelties in Turkish classical music, the emergence of Anatolian pop and arabesk...

The product of an extensive research, the exhibition showcases an assemblage of diverse and interesting material from the 1960s: A compilation of 60s melodies permeating the exhibition space; record covers, news and magazine articles, postcards, musical notes, posters; musical Yeşilcam scenes in an open-air cinema setting; the adventures of hippies in Sultanahmet; the footprints of the 1968 movement; archival photographs of many figures from Erkin Koray to Ruhi Su; a timeline registering the eleven years between 1960 and 1971, presenting important events and lists of books, films and records that came out in these years and reflect the spirit of the time.


15 September - 24 October 2012
Opening: Friday 14 September, 18.30


Tütün Deposu
Lüleci Hendek Caddesi, no. 12, Tophane, İstanbul
Opening hours: 11:00 - 19:00 (Salı - Pazar)
tel: 212 292 39 56

Curator: Derya Bengi
Project coordinator: Balca Ergener
Exhibition design: Cem Sorguç, Özlem Yılmaz (CM Mimarlık)
Graphic design: Ayşe Karamustafa, Hakan Lokanoğlu, Özgür Karacan
Open-air cinema film editing: Ümit Kıvanç
Photography exhibition: Şahan Nuhoğlu, Baran Özdemir
Costumes and illustrations: Deniz Çağrı Bilgili, Herman Taşçıoğlu
Archival research: Mert Hocaoğlu, Ekin Bayraktaroğlu, Urszula Wozniak
Exhibition assistants: Onur Bali, Elif Çepniler, Annegret Roelcke

Sweet 60s
Research project

Curators: Georg Schölhammer, Ruben Arevshatyan
Project coordinator: Mirjam Paninski

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supported by:
Allianz KulturstiftungThe Education, Audiovisual and Culture Agency Executive Agency

supported by:
Allianz KulturstiftungThe Education, Audiovisual and Culture Agency Executive Agency