Biennale di Venezia: an agenda

Discussions, Venice

Visual art production at International Events and on the Alternative Scene: a possible dialogue? Cultural production in times of financial constraint. Production, Networking, alternative cultural policies. What is going on and what can be done to improve? The conditions of work in Venice during the Biennale

Friday, May 31, 2013
9am - 12pm
Chaired by Vittorio Urbani with Elisa Genna, Francesco Ragazzi and Francesco Urbano.


Are the International Biennales and international art events becoming the sites for the production of artworks rather than just the places to consume and view art? The fringe events are acquiring more and more relevance around the stage of official cultural events and in many cities hosting international events, a flowering scene of spontaneous non for profit institutions has appeared in recent years.
Can we state these two actors are more and more co-related and collaborating? Is it possible to create a real network between institutions, biennials and non profit, that goes on also when biennials are shut down?

1) SECRETARY: Vittorio Urbani - Venezia
2) Penelope Curtis - London
3) Magda Guruli - Tibilisi
4) Salwa Mikdadi - Abu Dhabi
5) Jonathan Watkins - Birmingham
6) Branko Franceschi - Zagreb
7) Beral Madra - Istanbul
8) Ruben Arevshatyan - Yerevan
9) Ala Younis - Amman
10) Reem Fadda - New York
11) Noura al Sayeh - Manama, Bahrain

Emerging scenes are modifying the Biennial model at different levels: how are projects involving educational institutions and residencies, alongside these 'main events' able to change the habits of a globalized art world where values and formats are intended to be exportable and repeatable?
Venice Biennial is a collection of National pavilions that don't get in contact each other; this is a loss of opportunities and enrichment. How can we supply to this?

1) SECRETARY: Francesco Urbano and Francesco Ragazzi - Venezia
2) Antonia Carver - Dubai
3) Aaron Cezar - London
4) Marina Fokidis - Athens
5) Georg Schöllhammer - Wien
6) Yasmina Reggad - London
7) Hoor Al Qasimi - Sharjah
8) Kathrin Becker - Berlin
9) Stefanie James - Bournemouth


supported by:
Allianz KulturstiftungThe Education, Audiovisual and Culture Agency Executive Agency

supported by:
Allianz KulturstiftungThe Education, Audiovisual and Culture Agency Executive Agency