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Partner: Visual Art and Research Program (Working Concept for
Cooperation between: Visual Culture Research Center National University of Kiev-Mohyla Academy (NaUKMA) and

Located in the former space of the Soros Contemporary Art Centre in Kyiv at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, the Visual Culture Research Centre is an initiative in an academic frame. Involving the faculty and students of the cultural studies department in collaboration with international researchers, curators, critics and artists in the form of working seminars, conferences, residences and exhibitions, the Centre is intended as an innovative platform to integrate current artistic practice and academic disciplines. The aim of the Centre is to develop an environment that promotes the analysis of manifestations in post-Soviet cultural, political, and economic situation evident and particular to Ukraine. With a focus on issues relevant to interpreting the concrete historical circumstance, the primary objective of the Centre is to generate a format for the production of discourse.

POST / SOVIET, November 2008
The title "POST/ SOVIET" implies the articulation of Soviet and Post-Soviet with specific local circumstances, similarities and differences between the "imaginary relations" and "real conditions" of the former Soviet Republics. The project can be seen as a subversion of both Soviet colonial concepts and the notion of Europe. There is an Old Europe, and a New Europe, and what lies East of it? What kind of world is it in cultural, political and geographic respects? How should we define POST/ SOVIET? This is general research frame within which intellectuals and artists will work to generate and analyze discourses.

Art + Knowledge, June 2009
Art + Knowledge_2, September 2009
Revolution?, November 2009

The program includes:
- Series of lectures by researchers, artists, critics and curators
- Visual Laboratory
- a regular presentation and discussion of the academic/field research
- Video screenings and eventually art exhibitions introducing international postions related the themes approched
- Conferences / Seminars

Visual Dispositif / Social Dispositif