Dardan Zhegrova: Wish A Dream And Dream A Wish

Glossary series

Wish A Dream And Dream A Wish inaugurates the Glossary series focused on contemporary art in Yugoslav, post-Yugoslav, and now independent Kosovo. It introduces the work by visual artist Dardan Zhegrova (*1991, in Prishtina) and contains a collection of his poetry which often sketch scenes of yearning for intimacy and queer sexual pleasure. It is accompanied with an essay on the “coming of age” of the self taught artist by curator and long time collaborator Cathrin Mayer (ed.). The text not only gives an insight into the multifaceted practice of Zhegrova, ranging from the production of films, textile objects and large scale installations, but also contextualizes his work within the small, yet vibrant contemporary art scene of Kosovo, which developed around experimentation and self-run initiatives. Aiming to transfer this spirit of experimentation onto a book format, Wish A Dream and Dream A Wish came into being with the purpose of imaging an alternative space of art production outside the concrete walls of studio and exhibition spaces. Inviting the reader to actively take part and explore this alternative space, the artist in collaboration with graphic designer Enver Hadzijaj, have conceived this unique book as “participatory publication”, which does not consist of the regular front and back page, but includes perforated fold-out sheets with cutouts based on drawings by the artist, inviting the reader to use them on the blank pages dispersed throughout the publication. This conceptual idea for the publication emphasizes Zhegrova’a belief that experiencing art and art making itself should be attainable to everyone.

Cathrin Mayer
Cathrin Mayer
with an introduction by Georg Schöllhammer
Editorial Team
Larissa Agel
Michaela Geboltsberger
Robin Surratt
Jennifer Taylor
Bitsy Knox
Graphic Design
Enver Hadzijaj

Printed by DZA Druckerei zu Altenburg GmbH

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