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DEPO is a culture and debate center serving as a platform supporting the collaboration of artists, artist collectives, civic and cultural organizations in Turkey, the South Caucasus, the Middle East and the Balkans.

The project Red Thread is envisioned as an active network and platform for exchange of knowledge and collaboration of artists, curators, social scientists, theorists and cultural operators from the Balkans, the Middle East, the Caucasus, North Africa, and beyond. It aims to create and widely disseminate new knowledge about paradigmatic socially engaged art practices in a wide geopolitical context, thus challenging the predominance of Western narratives in official art histories and exhibition making. Through initiating research, meetings, panel discussions and an active online site for exploring both historical and contemporary approaches that deepen and challenge broader relations of art and society, Red Thread intends to reopen the issues of joint modernist legacies and histories between various so-called "marginal" regions, and attempts to create new approaches to deal with questions of auto-histories, self-positioning and reinterpretation of art history.

RED THREAD Issue 2 "Sweet 60s"

List of contributors and topics for the SWEEET 60s issue of RED THREAD

The Soviet 60s: Just Before the End of the Project
Keti Chukhrov

“It is Not Future That Always Comes After” (Some reflections on the project “Politicial Practices of (Post-) Yugoslav Art”)
Branislav Dimitrijević

Blank Zones in Collective Memory or the Transformation of Yerevan`s Urban Space in the 60s
Ruben Arevshatyan

Monumental and Minimal Space: Soviet Modernism in Architecture and Urban Planning. An introduction
Klaus Ronneberger, Georg Schöllhammer

Turning to the Experience of the 60s: A Discussion between Yuliya Sorokina (Almaty) and Ulan Djaparov (Bishkek)
Yuliya Sorokina, Ulan Djaparov

Melih Cevdet Anday: After The Second New
Orhan Koçak

The Contradictory 60s: Empire and Cultural Resistance
Hrach Bayadyan

1968: Global or Local?
Emin Alper

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About (Ukrainian) Nationalism, But Were Afraid to Ask Lenin
Olga Bryukhovetska

Narratives of the 60s
Sohrab Mahdavi

Black Sun of Renewal
Toni Maraini

The Sweet 60s: Between the Liberation of Peoples and the Liberty of Individuals, or the Difficult Representation of the Self
Daho Djerbal

Interview with Nadire Mater
Ceren Ünlü

Scientification as a Condition for Humanization
Matko Meštrović

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supported by:
Allianz KulturstiftungThe Education, Audiovisual and Culture Agency Executive Agency